How to add social share whatsapp button on website

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social sharing button is the most important things on the website if you don’t have this button your website setup first right now if you search on google or youtube you will find that a lot of query about people how to add social share WhatsApp button on the website. 

so let’s start how to add social share button on your website, first, if you use google blogger there no any plugins option or other any option, so if you set up your website on google blogger you can use bellow code for using this social share button.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>

second thing if you maintain your website on WordPress there you find a lot of customization and way to ad social share button on your web page, but you search how to add a social Whatsapp share button on your website in the freeway.

Install jetpack and set up as a free account, and go to setting tab and choose to share menue and setup your social icon for sharing button