Adobe illustrator 2021 what’s New feature Download

You are going to see a lot of new features in Adobe Illustrator 2021. As you know, Adobe Illustrator is a graphic program. And here we get such good tools with the help of which we can improve our graphics. Adobe Illustrator 2021 has been launched recently in the last few days. In this update, we are going to get some new tools, and many more improvements have been made, so let’s see what new and what improvement you have got in Adobe Illustrator 2021.

Adobe Illustrator 2021 Recolour artwork  

First of all new features have been given the option of recolouring. This is the colour theme picker, which can easily be re-coloured in any design artwork. These tools work on Adobe’s sensei technology. After a click, Adobe Illustrator knows which colour has been used in your artwork and shows it its sample inside a window. With the help of this panel, you can easily change all the colours of the samples that are given.

Cloud Document Improvement 

By the way, Adobe has already given you a cloud facility. But now you can embed it with the illustrator document and preview your previous work by saving and you can use it offline. With the help of this improvement, a load of Adobe Illustrator 2021 file on the laptop PC will be reduced. Whatever project you have will continue to sync with Adobe’s cloud storage.

 Smart Glyph snapping and text improvement 

You have also been improved typing in Adobe Illustrator 2021, now you can snap components of any artwork with text and match them line by line. What used to happen earlier was that when we matched any two objects, there was an option of Object object type but there was no option of snapping with text. Adobe has completed this too, so now you can take advantage of it. Adobe Illustrator 2021

Similarly, in typing, you will get to see some enhancement. Here you used to align the text by tickle and top model and bottom. Now you can align the entire text with multiple lines inside the text box. You can use the height of the font and other formats in other fonts for this alignment. Can work

 Such height has also been reduced from 100 PT to 200 PT. Similarly, a lot of improvements have been made, which you can see using Adobe Illustrator 2021. Also, a lot of bugs have been fixed 

Adobe Illustrator 2021 System Requirement 

  • Windows 10 (minimum 1809 ) or above version 
  • Processor Intel Pentiums 4 or AMD 64 bit supported 
  • RAM 4 GB ( best performance 16 GB)
  • Space 2GB minimum available for installation and work 
  • Display resolution 1024 x 768 
  • Graphics OpenGL 4.x 

Adobe Illustrator 2021 Download Free 

If you want to download a free adobe illustrator 2021 or other windows app download clicks on bellow button after the completed second timer.