Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 Release note | What’s New

Tuesday, 4 August 2020 (1 year ago) 226 views

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Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 roll out today as you know Photoshop Alternative Affinity photo is more popular for photo editing Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 Release note given below article. 

Affinity Photo is a really helpful software which can be used for enhancing the quality of your pictures. With this software, you’ll be able to edit as well as retouch your tasks efficiently.

Photographers have got a really hectic and tedious job and it gets worse when they need to perform varied different editing in your material and haven’t been equipped with the a suitable application. In such a scenario, photographers need Serif Affinity Photo which will ease their work.Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 Release note

Affinity Photo has acquired loads of outstanding palette of options and some of them include traditional picture manipulation tools like an eraser, brush, blur tool, healing tool and clone tool. It has additionally been geared up with magnifying glass and paint bucket and so forth.

It has got varied different filters which can be found by navigating to the Filters menu. These filters have been organized in various completely different categories thus making them very easy to entry.

Once the setup process is completed you will be greeted with a splash display that will offer you the basic info regarding the brand new projects.

Serif Affinity Photo consists of some standalone entries like Frequency Separation, Lighting, Shadow/Highlights, Plugins and Haze Removal etc. All in all Serif Affinity Photo is a really helpful software for bettering the standard of your pictures.


Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 Release note

Fixes & Improvements:

  • X3F: Fixed uninitialised crop areas in release builds 
  • X3F: Fixed non-sequenced reads from files (was preventing any X3F file from being loaded in CL release builds) 
  • X3F: Apply Black and White in Develop Persona when the Monochrome flag is set
  • Fixed redo always being a step behind in Develop Persona
  • Fixed import of PSD files with extended blend modes
  • Fixed Hasselblad RAW files loading thumbnail preview only
  • Fixed occasional crashes loading RAW files 
  • Allow Saving a document with history to be in recorded macros
  • Fixed crash when making some selections
  • Fixed Voronoi reset not matching the default
  • Changed mask thumbnails to use black, not transparent
  • Improved LAB defaults for selective channels in the doc view
  • Fixed OCIO transform being eliminated when the window is moved or minimized
  • Fixed Character Panel’s Decorations color box displaying in RGB 
  • Fixed Layer Effects Gradient Overlay sliders not working correctly
  • Changed brush parameter shortcut from Alt+RightMouseButton to Ctrl+Alt (same as macOS)
  • Fixed flickering brush preview with tablet input
  • Fixed spurious lines being drawn with tablet input
  • Fixed Alt+Drag color picker getting stuck when using tablet input
  • Fixed crash when failing to load an X3F file (some files will still fail to load, however, won’t crash)
  • Fixed gradients not changing when Global Colour is modified 
  • Improved support for Canon EOS-1D X Mark III color information. 
  • [Installer] Prevent set up into a non-empty directory
  • Added EOS 1D-X Mark III to list of known CR3 cameras 
  • Fixed Flood Selection Tool is offset with ‘All layers’ enabled
  • Minor CR3 tweaks
  • Fixed CR3 from a Canon EOS-R opening with a purple haze
  • Fixed Develop Persona Red Eye Removal Tool crash
  • Improved support for X3F files
  • Removed units from the Crop Tool ratio option
  • Fixed rotating an uncooked file in Develop Persona darkens it 
  • Fixed including guides in Develop Persona darkening image
  • Removed “Windows Ink” option, and replaced with high precision WinTab support
  • Fixed AI import incorrectly identifying as EPS when it was actually a PDF with extra information at the front
  • Fixed PDF import for documents with extra data at the front
  • Fixed PDF export for some Asian fonts that support many glyphs
  • Fixed Layers panel dropping of items of a right of thumbnail in expanded parents
  • Fixed right-click context menu to disable Merge Down when attempting to merge a Pixel Layer into a shape
  • Fixed PDF import crash due to infinitely searching for fonts
  • Fixed HSL ring displaying incorrectly when returning to the adjustment 
  • Fixed being unable to drag assets into the app 
  • Changed PDFs to open as restricted if we don’t have permission to edit, copy or print them
  • Fixed PDF export accidentally outputting all RGB images at 16-bit.
  • Fixed RAW files appearing too dark
  • Fixed High Pass filter for LAB color
  • Fixed Detect Edges after developing a RAW file in 32 bit
  • Fixed NEF import from Nikon D90 rendering incorrectly
  • Fixed CTRL+M with a node selected to not show the curves dialog.
  • Fixed handling of ‘ XP ‘ EXIF data from Luminar four exported files 
  • Fixed placement of RAW files to apply default settings
  • Fixed Selection Brush Width not remembered if changed by Right mouse button + Alt modifier
  • Fixed layer mix modes not scrolling with arrow keys 
  • Improved performance of font loading (and tried to improve behaviour with font managers)
  • Improved PDF export support for 16-bit and 32-bit images
  • Fixed SVG import of elements with classpath not followed by a move
  • Fixed SVG export of curves with large bounds
  • Fixed incorrect sheet colour in PSD export (following import)
  • Fixed incorrectly enabled control on Text Style decorations
  • Fixed click to select objects with group crops
  • Fixed locked layers being selectable via Marquee selection
  • Fixed PDF import of certain Unicode characters producing the wrong character
  • Fixed SVG import to ignore spurious quote marks in “url(‘#identifier’)” references
  • Fixed SVG import to treat gradients with one-stop as solid fills
  • Fixed SVG import having wrong default for gradientUnits
  • Fixed crash when importing an invalid SVG due to negative heights or widths
  • Fixed hand cursor getting stuck after panning 
  • Fixed crash when pressing V with Alignment flyout open
  • Fixed font names always displaying their English names
  • Fixed PDF export with embedded ICC profiles
  • Fixed SVG import of booleans
  • Fixed SVG import of documents with multiple <svg> elements
  • The fixed fill aspect ratio for Radial and Conical to be maintained unless the correction handle is visible
  • Fixed text edit handles to allow auto-pan ability
  • Fixed changing tool while the Align Panel is open (if the next tool supports the alignment choices, it’s going to stay open, else it will close)
  • Fixed crash when dragging items within the Layers control
  • Improved performance of PDF import
  • Improved performance of text when rendering text
  • Fixed vector export of text occasionally filling characters
  • Fixed crash when closing floating doc 
  • Fixed New Document dialogue previous doc choice highlight not being remembered
  • Fixed Procedural Texture rendering different to macOS applications
  • Fixed Ctrl+M with nodes selected to not bring up the curves dialogue 
  • Fixed crash when docking a panel with the Brushes panel
  • Fixed PNG export not displaying the size warning if the export dialogue was previously closed with a different preset 
  • Help and Localisation improvements.


Download Affinity Photo version 1.8.4 Release note | What’s New

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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