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Introducing the App

App Cloner latest APK 2.11.0 (21060513) is a grand application. It is very useful to clone the app. As its name indicates, one can use it in duplicating applications in one’s smartphone. Moreover, the cloned app will work independently also. Therefore no need to worry for a user, as there is no chance of crashing in running the app. It is one of the lovable apps of Google Play Store because it gets a 4.1 rating point there. Listo has developed it. All valuable information regarding this app is provided here in full details.

App Name App Cloner
Last updatedJune 6, 2021
Version 2.11.0

App Cloner Reviewing the App

If one observes detail(s) of its features; one comes to know that App Cloner is special by them; (it means) features. The users will be capable of getting the double app in their handsets easily, with the use of this app/if they use this app. Whatsapp, BBM or other applications will be duplicated by them without any problem; freely. As far as the interface is concerned; the application is nice (by it). It (interface) is not only very simple but clean also by the combination of blue, white, as well as the bright colour scheme. A user can understand the app’s menus easily by the simple interface. But, the user even now can change the app’s theme. 

App Cloner clones apps – it is this application’s main usage. Any person here will get access to duplicating apps like Messenger, Whatsapp etc. After that, the user will be capable of saving or sharing the cloned apps with other people. Besides being cloned, the major/main, as well as the cloned apps,/may run properly. Here, the means to say is that it works without being dependent or (in other words) it works independently.  For showing more shortcuts, a person is free to use QuickShortcutMaker on Android as well.

One more plus point of the application is that App Cloner offers more privacy alternatives for a user. Password protect, Android ID hider, incognito more etc. are some privacy alternatives/options. The trait/feature is so advantageous for a(ny) user that other people will not succeed to disturb him. Due to its great features, the application App Cloner for Android may be most appropriate for users (of it).


Bug fixes.

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