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ASTRO File Manager
App NameASTRO File Manager: Storage Organizer & Cleaner
App Version8.4.3 (2021042815)
App Size7.7 MB
Last UpdateMay 2, 2021 at 11:03AM

ASTRO File Manager latest APK 8.4.3  (2021042815) is for those people who find it difficult to manage the storage of their smartphones and desire to get a new sense with much ease in managing Android files.

Developed by App Annie Basics this app is one the best tools and (undoubtedly) it will please its users. It has become a popular/favourite amongst Android users. A user simply can manage Android’s files with this application.

Additionally, for boosting the performance of one’s device, there is access to ‘clean up unused space’ as well. All important information regarding this app is provided here in full detail.

ASTRO File Manager Reviewing the App

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The ‘superb file explorer’ is a special feature of ASTRO File Manager. It is due to the aforementioned feature that a person/user easily can move, copy, share and rename the files that he desires. Moreover, he is free to sort the files as well, in this way finding the needed files will be really easy.  Management of the storage’s free space is very important as it will influence the performance of the user’s phone.

ASTRO File Manager is a useful tool (for the users) in clearing the full storage. It is nice by recommendations also, as there will be some recommendations of unused things to be deleted just for managing the storage. If a person has limited space in his device (smartphone), ASTRO File Manager offers a great solution (to this problem) for that user. So, in cases of having limited space on his smartphone, the user can use the ‘cloud storage’ option.

Through cloud storage, the user will have a digitalized memory for saving his data. Surely, it is free and it may be a really good tool in managing the user’s internal memory. Apart from the above all, ASTRO File Manager comes with some other excellent features also, they are very helpful in managing as well as the performance of users smartphones.

At last, it can be said that ASTRO File Manager is a very useful as well as an enjoyable app for Android users.


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