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All of us use to call or receive calls in our daily life through our smartphones. Sometimes, while calling anybody or receiving a call, we feel the need to record it. Recorded call(s) can be useful in many ways such as a man can save it and write the conversation’ among others. In fact, one is free to manually record the call. Additionally, the call can be recorded on almost every Android (device).

But, it will be really convenient and easy if it can record the call automatically. So, we are here with an app that may be very useful for many people; it is Automatic Call Recorder, the latest APK 6.18.3 (203) that is popular for recording both incoming as well as outgoing calls. All valuable information regarding this software or app is provided here in full detail. 

  Automatic call recorderReviewing the App    

This Application developed app Automatic Call Recorder is used for many purposes. ‘Recording audio’ is one of them; it is noteworthy that the audio may be from calls or it may be some/any other audio as well.  Moreover, the calls (both incoming and outgoing) also can be managed with it. Further, a user can access his android media file with the use of the application. It comes with a quick setup and minimal user intervention as well. It is due to the easy as well as a simple setup that all people can use the application.

Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder for Android provides some settings to configure this application to run. A person can limit the calls; delete the calls (automatically) among others. Apart from the above, the app allows the user to set the inbox size to 300 calls maximum. And it can be said more than enough for any user.

Moreover, the app Automatic Call Recorder supports third-party cloud services including; Dropbox as well as Google Drive. So, a person not only may save but synchronise the recorded call to the cloud as well. Additionally, it works with almost all headsets as well.

But, the users should note that the internet, as well as VOIP calls using Whatsapp or Skype, will not work with the app. One more thing, in case the user does not desire/like/want to use it, he is requested to ensure that his android has battery saver/power saving.


‘UI improvements’ and ‘bug fixes. 

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