Boat Avante Bar 4000DA soundbar launched in India see price

Recently boat has introduced the Avante Bar 4000DA soundbar in India.  This latest device of the company in the Avante Bar series comes with Dolby Atmos support as well as 2.1.2 channel surround sounds also. Moreover, this soundbar is the most expensive offering of the series yet. It has been launched with a total of 7 drivers that provides an immersive experience and a master remote control as well to maintain various settings.

The latest device Boat Avante Bar 4000DA soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with HDMI ARC support also. All valuable information regarding this new offering of the company including features, specifications, and the price is provided here.

The latest Boat Avante Bar 4000DA comes with a 2.1.2 soundbar along with subwoofer configuration as well as a wired subwoofer of 60W also. It utilizes Digital Audio Power Amplifier drivers – four 2.25-inch drivers,  two 2-inch drivers, as well as one 6.5-inch driver; in this way, a total of 7 in numbers. They provide 30W, 10W, as well as 60W output respectively. It is noteworthy that the subwoofer delivers 60W output. This latest soundbar comes with a frequency response range of 80Hz to 20,000Hz as well as total 200W power output also. 

So far the connectivity is concerned; the soundbar Boat Avante Bar 4000DA comes with these features – Bluetooth 5.0 ( range 8 to 10 meters), auxiliary connection, HDMI along with Audio Return Channel (ARC) trait, optical port, as well as a USB port. The company has launched it with Dolby Atmos 3D technology. It comes with a master remote control as well.

The(se) feature(s) will allow the users to pair  Bluetooth devices, adjust bass/treble/volume, mute/unmute, play/pause, as well as change tracks, with other controls; and in this way, will make the listening experience more convenient. The soundbar runs on two AAA batteries. Finally, the wall mountable Boat Avante Bar 4000DA soundbar measures 960x74x94mm; while the subwoofer measures 367x314x190mm.

Boat Avante Bar 4000DA Price in India

Boat Avante Bar 4000DA soundbar has been launched with an introductory price of Rs.14,999. It is now available via the official website of Boat as well as Flipkart. But It is notable that the official website of the company lists Rs. 24,999 as a price tag for the new soundbar. So, it may be the final retail price; which would be effective when the introductory time ends (it is our guess/speculation only).  

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