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call of duty: mobile update from Activision and Tencent has been getting updated repeatedly since it debuted on iOS and Android with new content material and fixes. Today, it begins its seventh season titled ‘Radioactive Agent’ On iOS and Android. Call of Duty: Mobile‘s version 1.0.15 update on iOS is a 2.6GB obtain and it brings assist for the new season, new maps, new game modes, new battle pass content, weapon steadiness changes.

call of duty mobile update

The update also contains the battle royale map expansion featuring new zones, a new class, and a new tank. You can also unlock new weapons for the Tunisia and Gulag maps. For new featured modes, the Attack of the Undead has all players start as survivors while one will change into the undead. If you’ve not played call of duty: mobile update 2020  but, you can download it for free on the App Store here and Google Play here. Have you been playing the game with controllers or contact solely on iOS and Android?

The new update may have an extra deal with the sport’s battle royale mode and can feature an expanded version of the game’s Isolated map. The map will feature new areas to the north and north-east. This will include places similar to Harbor, Skitown, Heat, Black Market and more. The developers recently revealed more information about these places and you can learn more about them 

call of duty mobile update  

Of course, the season will even come with a new battle go that can include new skins, and possibly new scorestreaks or operator expertise. It should also supply a few new weapons and a new battle royale skill. 

Call Of Duty: mobile update Mobile New maps


  • It’s a Call of Duty: Mobile unique map.
  • Players can play Search and Destroy, Domination, and the Attack of the Undead modes on this map.


  • The fan-favorite map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now accessible on mobile.
  • Only the one-vs-one duel and gunfight mode can be performed on this small map.

Call Of Duty: mobile update 2020 New game mode: Attack of the Undead

  • All gamers begin the match as survivors whereas one player is randomly chosen to be the undead. The undead respawn on being shot down while survivors turn into the undead on being killed.
  • The game mode is available in Tunisia, Standoff, Summit, Raid, and Crash.

Call Of Duty: mobile update New Weapons

  • QQ9 SMG: this submachine gun is efficient at near medium range. It is totally automated with excessive accuracy.
  • Chopper LMG: this mild machine gun is effective at medium to long-range. It can also be fully automated with a high price of fire.

New training mode

  • A new training mode has been added to the game.
  • Players can check out all weapons by firing at dummy targets.

Battle Royale mode additions

  • The battle royale map has obtained a major expansion with a number of new places being added. These are Black Market, Downtown, Sanitarium, Ski Town, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, and Heat.
  • A new battle royale class called Smoke Bomber has been added. The class’ passive reveals enemies contained in the smoke and will increase the participant’s motion speed on being attacked. The active talent throws a smoke grenade which releases a number of smoke grenades.
  • A new vehicle, Tank, has been added. It will be obtainable on the battlefield by an airdrop during the mid to late recreation.
  • The man-O-War assault rifle and the DLQ33 sniper rifle can now be found on the battle royale map.
  • A new legendary weapon has additionally dropped with the update. Tempest paralyzes the enemy by firing a bolt of explosive lightning.
  • Tactical flashlight, useless silence suppressor, and the iron hand stock are the latest attachments in the recreation.

Call Of Duty: mobile update Battle pass

The season seven battle go will be accessible on June 12. There will be two variants of the battle go: a paid premium version and a free version.

New rewards in the Premium Battle Pass are as follows:

  • Ghost – Hazmat and Krueger – Alchemist (epic troopers)
  • QQ9 – Flood (epic weapon)
  • The premium battle pass will reward new “Barricade” themed weapons.

The new free battle pass rewards are:

  • QQ9 submachine gun
  • Cluster Strike scorestreak: it causes steady missile strikes on a chosen location

A new format for the battle go has additionally been added. It has change into simpler to see info regarding the rewards in the battle pass.

Call Of Duty: mobile update Ranked mode

  • Defeating higher-ranked gamers will grant further rank scores in the multiplayer mode.
  • Matchmaking within the multiplayer mode has been improved based on gamers’ performance.
  • Score incomes guidelines for the battle royale ranked mode has additionally been improved.
  • The multiplayer rank user-interface has also been optimized.

This season’s ranked mode rewards are:

  • Skulls and Blood HBRA3 (rare weapon)
  • Wasteland MSMC (epic weapon)
  • Skulls and Blood Battery (epic soldier)


A new challenger has arrived! Once Upon a Time in Rust, the sixth season for Call of Duty: Mobile, introduces a new Battle Royale class — the Poltergeist. The Poltergeist deceives opponents with its cloaking device, showing first right here and then out of the blue there to all however probably the most eagle-eyed opponents.

Read on to find out all you need to know about the new Poltergeist class, together with what it gives, easy methods to unlock it, and suggestions for mastering it on the way in which to your next victory.

How to Unlock the Poltergeist Class

To entry the Poltergeist, you’ll first have to prove your self. Beginning May 21, choose the Event tab after which Featured to view the duties you must full in order to unlock the new class. Complete the variety of Battle Royale tasks and the Poltergeist is yours.

5 Tips for Mastering the Poltergeist Class

1.     Remember that the Poltergeist’s Active Camo capability solely offers close to invisibility, not total invisibility. The closer you’re to an enemy participant whereas cloaked, the more probably they’re to spot you. Choose your timing properly.

2.     Looting and fighting close to the sting of the circle? Save Active Camo till it begins collapsing, and then activate it when it’s time to move — simply make sure you discover a constructing or another cowl earlier than your cloak runs out. Plus, the Voidwalker capability will improve your speed to help you outrun the circle. 

3.     Use Active Camo to cloak your self once you run into a bunch of enemies fighting one another. Let them inflict injury on each other when you get in place to wipe all of them out.

4.     Bait the enemy. Let them see you after which take cowl the place they’ll come after you. Use Active Camo to make a getaway whereas they waste their time looking for you or to reposition and flank them as they’re distracted. 

5.     We stated it before and it bears repeating once more: shoot your weapon and the cloak de-activates. The Poltergeist is all concerning the setup. Get into place, wait for the right moment, and assault.

call of duty: mobile update

How to get Gold Rush

Gold Rush, a limited-time event in Call of Duty: Mobile, will see you incomes Gold Bars in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to unlock new weapons and different loot objects.

These objects include a lot of Flowing Bronze-plated objects, a new Rare Camo introduced in Season Six, and an Epic M4LMG – Moonstone weapon.

Earning this stuff is so simple as getting Gold Bars, a new item that may be acquired in Battle Royale and Multiplayer. While travelling around isolated and surviving towards enemy troopers in Battle Royale, be looking out for treasure maps that will lead you to Gold Bar mining sites.

Rules of Engagement – Kill Confirmed


·      Kill Confirmed is available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Rust.

·      Two groups enter the foyer – every crew has a maximum of 5 gamers. You can both bring your own full crew into the foyer, or matchmake with a random participant.

·      You can use your individual Custom Loadouts on this game mode.

Your Mission:

·      Eliminate the enemy team and gather the dog tags they drop upon death (each player, including you, drops a canine tag after they die). These enemy canine tags count as a Gold Bar earned during the Gold Rush Event. 

·      If a soldier from Team A (e.g. Special Forces) collects a canine tag dropped by Team B (Guerilla Squad), then Team A (Special Forces) gets a point.

·      If a soldier from Special Forces collects a dog tag dropped by an ally, then they deny the enemy crew from grabbing that point.

Your Goal:

·      The first crew to hit the designated level worth, or the crew with probably the most factors on the finish of the time limit, wins the sport.

·      If each teams are tied by the tip of the time restrict, the sport ends in a draw.

During Gold Rush:

·      Every dog tag collected will add to your total Gold Bar stash during Gold Rush.

·      Confirming one other teammate’s kill earns a Gold Bar for each soldiers (each the one who earned the kill and the one who collected the dog tag)

Top 5 Tips for Gold Rush 

5. Like TDM, But with a Twist. Kill Confirmed is a good introductory objective mode for these coming from Frontline or Team Deathmatch. Just bear in mind to comply with up and gather these canine tags after getting these kills.

4. Be Aggressive. Don’t Be Reckless. Aggressive operators will probably be showered with canine tags by working and gunning their approach to kills and confirms. However, it’s not sensible to dive straight into lopsided engagements, as you may as nicely be hand-delivering these canine tags to the enemy.

3. Denied! Denying enemy kills is simply as important as confirming your crew’s kills. If your fellow soldier goes down, choose up their canine tag earlier than an enemy runs over to seize it.

2. Golden Bait. If you observed an enemy is close by to seize your fallen teammate’s canine tag, attempt taking them out before denying their kill. That way, you get to select up a degree in your crew AND deny the enemy crew a degree, all in one engagement!

1. Don’t Be Greedy. A teammate that confirms your kill by accumulating the enemy canine tag earns a Gold Bar for each players. Work collectively to gather one another’s dog tag, and that M4LMG – Moonstone will be yours in no time! 

Download call of duty: mobile update 2020 Mobile Season 7, new map,weapons,patch notes

You are now ready to download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • To check the CPU and GPU of Android device, please use CPU-Z app
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