Canva: Best Android app for Graphic Design 2.117.0 Version

Of course not everyone, but most of us ever feel the need to make wedding invitations, name cards, brochures, greeting cards, logos, posters etc. in our lives. Generally, it is the opinion of people that there is a requirement of complicated design as well as software skills for making such things. But in the present time, there is no meaning of such thoughts.


Now, many handy apps are available that may be helpful in serving the above-mentioned purposes. And Canva latest APK 2.117.0 (13193) is one of them.  With this app, a person will be capable of making beautiful designs not only easily but quickly as well. All valuable details regarding this app are provided here.

Canva Reviewing the App

The app Canva is a very useful app as it permits a person to make his own design. So, to fulfil this purpose, Canva offers over three million photos as well as illustrations in the library with hundreds of elements and fonts as well. Moreover, all of them are free for users.

Therefore, they are free to make good use of anything it provides as well as try to make as well as edit their own design also. A person can do editing with ready for use filters. Additionally, he also has the liberty of choosing to be creative by customising the brightness, contrast, as well as many others.  


Any person can get Canva for free on Google Play as it is available there. Therefore, in case of the availability of Google Play on his device he can install the application without any problem. However, if he does not have it (Google Play Store) he can install the latest version APK. In case, the person feels the need of getting the update immediately, has to install Google Play Store on his device.

Canva 2.101.1. Premium APK
Canva 2.100.0. Premium APKDownload Apk
Canva 2.98.1. Premium APKDownload Apk

In this way, he will be able to update his application(s) immediately. Canva for Android is for that person also who wants just quick templates to use. The application offers over sixty thousand templates for him (user) to select one from. The user does not have to make everything from scratch if he does not have the time.

And all these things are free. Moreover, Canva has made it easy for any user to search for any kind of design by it (application) such as birthday, congratulations, as well as many more others. So, after that, the user is free to personalize it as required.


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