How to make direct download link for blogger || make a professional website

 As you know Google Blogger as a free service from Google where you can post your articles. it is a free service. But here you can not use download link as another professional website, you can make a download link. you can edit your download link and paste on your blog for a direct download link.

other professional website run on hosting and cloud storage who is the hosting provider give us download service but Google Blogger post as a free service, here you can upload unlimited hosting video audio but Google did not give any direct download option. if you have any file for your visitor to share. you can use Google Drive first upload that file on Google Drive and make a  shareable link, after that this link add your blog, but when the visitor visits our Google Drive page it does not look professional website.

direct download link

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How to make direct download link for a google blog post

you can make a direct download links for Google Drive first upload. After that file you want to share your web make right-click on that item and make a shareable link.
Next, use this link ok and edit your shareable links middle of part of shareable links put the last of that links and select all links  and copy this links this is the direct links for download this links you paste anywhere on your blog post 

use below link for a direct download link for google blogger