FAU-G Game: it is going to launch on 26th January. Download details

The launch date of the much-awaited homegrown FAU-G Game is finally revealed. The developers of the game confirmed it’s launch date almost after four months of games’ first announcement. Today (January 03, 2021), the developer of the game shared a new cinematic video as well. It provides one’s – a closer look at the gameplay, weapons, as well as combat style. According to the nCORE Games, it is finally arriving later this month.

Fearless and United: Guards in short FAU-G, a highly anticipated game’s pre-registration crossed one million in twenty-four hours only. People were expecting that the homegrown game would launch in the month of December; after the pre-registration went live on the Google Play Store late in the month of November.


The nCORE Games, the Bengaluru-based developers of the FAU-G confirms that the game will launch/release in India on January 26 and the particular date is also the Republic Day of the Nation. For Android users, the upcoming game is probably to be available on Google Play Store. But, on the day of launch whether the game will be available on the Apple App Store – at present, nothing can be said about it.

Mind you! earlier (in the past); the developers of the game told that – FAU-G is a third-person brawler game and will have a level on the Galwan Valley. Reportedly, this level will not have guns. But as the trailer which is posted today (clearly) indicates that there will be guns in it. Though the upcoming game at launch will not have a battle royale mode,, its developers (nCORE Games) are planning to add this feature later through an update.


FAU-G Game on Play store 

The description of the upcoming FAU-G game on the Google Play Store reads – “High on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group protects the nation’s pride and sovereignty. It is a daunting task for the most courageous: The Fearless and United Guards”.

The previous reports about this Made in India game FAU-G tells that the players will be able to choose between single-player, as well as, co-operative multiplayer options. It is a tribute-paying game to the real “heroes of our nation’s armed forces”. Moreover, it is a real-world scenario(s) based game; that is why “FAU-G brings to life the thrill and adrenaline of a life spent guarding” borders of India. So, at last, it can be said that one has to wait just a few more weeks and after that, the game will be launched on January 26.