Free hotspot shield vpn apk 8.7.0 Version

 Introducing the App

Hotspot Shield Free VPN latest APK 8.7.0 is a very important application.  It is a mobile app. Anyone can download it for free. It comes with the ‘VPN automatic activation’ when the apps that need it (VPN) are Launched – and it is the major/outstanding feature of this application. Therefore, a user still can scroll up as well as down his social media homepage(s) at the time when he stays in the areas with restricted internet access.

This app’s free connection comes through the USA. If the user likes to route the traffic elsewhere, in this case, there will be a charge for an account. For connection trafficking via the secured or unsecured wireless networks, the app comes with an option (for the user) to set his mobile data mode. All valuable information regarding this application is provided here in full details

free hotspot shield VPN Reviewing the App

The application Hotspot Shield Free VPN for Android has two different versions. The first of them is the free version. It is an ad-funded version. It means the interface periodically will be the medium for some ads. The ‘downloadable game banner ads’ can be taken as an example. It (free version) may be the cause of disturbance for the user on his mobile device. In the case when the VPN session is (once) turned off; the ads will take all over the screen.

The free version of the application Hotspot Shield Free VPN offers access to US servers. Its (free version) bandwidth depends on that device which is by any user. Android user(s) (are generally) will be offered a daily allowance of 300MB and it refreshes every day as well.

 Pro Hotspot Shield VPN comes with some price divisions. For $12.99 a user will get a subscription for one month. Whereas $139.99 offers a subscription per lifetime and it is a one-time payment as well. So, it can be said that the monthly subscription is expensive. This application is (just) of a few VPN apps that provide a forever subscription. The app’s paid version comes with 20 server locations all over the world and a user will be able to select among 2,000 servers in total.

But, the company has not distributed all of them globally even now. They (servers) are available in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, as well as Central America. Moreover, the servers are still capable of covering the region(s)/area(s) with restricted internet access like Russia, Turkey, as well as China. But, it is unfortunate that they have no access in Africa as well as the Middle East.

The application comes with a notification bar that is not only good but clear also when the VPN is connected as well as disconnected. Therefore, a user can rest assured at that time when the privacy is secured/protected or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Though the application Hotspot Shield Free VPN provides many advantages, it has some drawbacks or limitations also. The app’s ‘free version is fast as well as worth a try and ‘clear notifications’ are its positive points. Whereas the app is  ‘not globally distributed’ is one of its disadvantages.

This is the Way of Using the App

The company AnchorFree developed the app Hotspot Shield Free VPN (it has a headquarter in the United States of America). On (once) setting the installation process, the user will/may get some options to configure the newly installed app.  To active the application automatically when the smartphone (device) is connected to any type of Wi-Fi network, there is an option in the settings menu.

Or, the user has to simply click the network in the list to activate in order to make it work. In contrast, an IP leak protection option is found to disable it. The feature allows the VPN to get disconnected in case of an error happening.


Bug fixes.

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