Garmin Enduro Smartwatch launched | See Price and Specifications

The US watchmaker Garmin has introduced the latest smartwatch; Garmin Enduro Smartwatch. This smartwatch comes equipped with some unique features which are not found on other/other smartwatches. It comes with a solar charging lens; it will extend the battery life of up to 65 hours – the company claims so. The watch has customisable power management modes. So far fitness tracking and training are concerned; it has been launched with GPS support as well as many features – VO2 Max for tracking cardiovascular fitness levels; is one of them.

This new pulse oximetry sensor and heart rate monitor featuring smartwatch Garmin Enduro is capable of sending and receiving messages as well as allow users to share their locations as well; when it is connected with a Garmin inReach Mini satellite communication device. All valuable information regarding the new device including specifications and price has been covered here. Garmin Enduro

The new smartwatch Garmin Enduro has been designed for some special people; it may be an athlete and it also may be a fitness enthusiast who participates in cycling, long races, as well as mountain trekking also. As it has been told earlier, it comes with the solar charging lens which is known as Power Glass and this Power Glass is helpful in extending the battery life by harvesting power from the sun also. It is noteworthy that a full charge on the newly introduced smartwatch will provide 70 hours in GPS mode and it will increase/extend to 80 hours with solar capabilities – toutes the company.

The company has launched the smartwatch Garmin Enduro with VO2 Max as well as Climb Pro for enhancing training – the(se) proprietary features also. When selecting the Ultrarun activity; one can track one’s rest times with it. Moreover, along with grift as well as flow measurements; the latest specific smartwatch comes with a Mounting Biking trait to track mountain Biking sessions.

Based on one’s sleep as well as wellness record; the new smartwatch features a recovery mode to advise one’s how long(time) one has to rest before starting another work(out). It comes with Recommended Workouts for training as well.

So far the specifications are concerned; the latest smartwatch Garmin Enduro has a 1.4-inch sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) display (Resolution 280×280 Pixels). To provide GPS, GLONASS, as well as Galileo connectivity; it comes with support for global navigation satellite systems also. Additionally, the smartwatch has a barometer, an altimeter, as well as a 3-axis electronic compass. It also comes with an optical heart rate technology and a pulse oximetry sensor to track wellness.  

The new Garmin Enduro has been introduced with a smartwatch mode and under which it can last for up to sixty-five days. Moreover, users can extend to up to 1 year when they will use the inbuilt battery saver watch mode. Additionally, compatible with Android as well as iPhone models; this device can be paired with  Garmin connect app also.

The smartwatch Garmin Enduro has a 10ATM water-resistant design as well. The weight of this smartwatch’s steel version is 72 grams. The weight of its titanium options is 58 grams only. Finally, compatible with 26mm wrist bands; it measures 51x51x14.9mm.

Garmin Enduro Smartwatch Price 

For the steel variant; the smartwatch Garmin Enduro is priced at $799.99 – approximately 58,300 in Indian Rupees. While the price of the titanium version has been set at $899.99 – approximately 65,600 In Indian Rupees.5a81d55120b5780001e10668 amazon com

In the US, one can purchase it via Garmin website. At last, No details regarding its availability in other markets have been provided. flipkart buy button

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