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Google Announced Android P 

2000px Android P logo
Google recently launched android new version android P, But until not confirm what means P. it was first announced March 7, 2018, and finally, release 8 May 2018.
This year Google going to give more feature in artificial intelligence. android oreo 8.01 was until the latest version. but android p has more feature than oreo. 


Android P
Android P
  • android p have a new and clean user interface.
  • Quick setting options 
  • simple navigation system
  • battery saver by notification intelligence system  
  • best volume controller 
  • App using time set artificial assistance 

App Using Time 

Android P has a lot of feature and function for new androarena. if we are talking highlight feature of android p 9.0 you can set your app using time, mint or hour after your finishing time reminds this feature. sometimes we are using a smartphone we forget important work by using any interesting app, now you set a time for the app for use. 
Smart Notification system
Any smartphone notification has a very important place. Google introduces more new features in the android p notification can use smart do not disturb notification if you only turn your mobile screen down on table this feature will be active, and more upgrading features.  
Quick gesture navigation
Gooogle introduce in android p gestured based control, at the first screen you’ll see the home screen but you’ll swipe up to multitask screen and together able to swipe right to multitask screen and you can go back also using the app only this navigation.its mean you can find some new feature in your navigation.

Editing Screenshot

In android p we can take easily screenshot and we can edit screenshot without any photo editing app.


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