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Google Contacts: Introducing the App

Google Contacts latest APK (2611092) is a very useful app. It is important for those people who want to manage their ‘book address’ effectively. So, for such a person the application may be not only the best but the ideal option also. It appears that managing contacts is an easy and general task. However, it (the task of managing contacts) may be the cause of chaos and clutter of our contacts as well as their detailed info in our smartphones.

Google Contacts

Therefore, for valuing our mobile devices for both, ‘as gadgets to communicate’ and the ‘effective way to manage our works’; de-cluttering our contacts lists as well as the overall management should be the priority for all of us. Important details regarding this Google app are provided here.

Google Contacts Reviewing the App

The application Google Contacts for Android is capable of integrating the regular address book of a user with his Google account contacts – its name also indicates the same thing. In case of being an enthusiastic/avid user of Google having the email service, he knows that they have integrated a lot of various features into the service.

Taking an example, if a person earlier has separate contact info on his mobile device as well as a Google account, he can integrate his contacts into one without any problem. So, no need of being worried or confused about having various contacts with an integrated system. Moreover, the application has certainly some perks to enjoy about the latest features of it.

For contacts, Just two lists were found on the previous Google Contacts application. One is ‘your (a user’s) favourite lists’ as well as the second one is listed for all of them. But, in the new version of the app, the developer has done a minor development and included more details. Consequently, users are offered the liberty of choosing the available feature(s). Both the display as well as layout are very attractive.

It shows the modern design, nice colour, as well as simple look also.  The combination of all of them is of course handy as a user not only will be capable of exploring his account but having better access to it as well. If a user likes to switch his account, he can do it with ease as well as in negligible time. If he desires to go via various labels, it also can be done at any time. Moreover, if he is determined to review his contacts or merge the duplicate contact info, no problem; managing the contacts will be absolutely simple as the breeze.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Though the app Google Contacts offers a lot of benefits, it has some drawbacks also. ‘The latest development, in spite of its minor ability, is pretty handy, more features are comprised for improvement of usability as well as functionality, one can make changes as well as do adjustment just within minutes and for it, one does not need to be a rocket scientist and ‘easy management as well as integration of account’ are some of its advantages.

Whereas ‘in comparison to other contact apps, Google Contacts application is left far behind, its some of the features are absolutely mediocre as well, it looks that the developer has not done much improvement in this app’ as well as ‘ it also appears that some users from certain smartphone/mobile phone brands find no update for this application – (it can be said) the app does not even work as well – are some its disadvantages.

This is the Way of Using the App

One can do many things with this application. Suppose that the contacts of a user have not been synced (till now). In this case, he has to go to the settings of his smartphone. Then he will click on contacts. After that he will click on his Google account.

He has to ensure that the ‘Contacts’ option is on. His next step will be clicking on Account Advanced and turning on the Use SSL option. After that he has to click on Account Done, consequently, he can make an effort/try adding the account. And now it should work.

Some Important Questions About Google Contacts

How do I access my Google contacts?

We can access Google Contacts in three way. we can access direct on web browsers and using android app or iOS app.

  • Login any web browser with Your Google Contacts gmail > Click on app more ⁙ icon in right side and click on contacts
  • Second thing visit direct and access google contact
  • Install Android application in Your android Phone

How do I find my contact list?

  1. Visit and see All Your saved contacts
  2. Install Google contacts and see your contact list.

How to delete Google contacts?

1. Open Your android app on Mobile or Tablet > Select Any Contact press and hold on for selection
2. You find at delete button on right-hand tap on Delete
3. Visit on Google Contact select any contact which you want to delete select clickingon check ☑ Box > click on three dot button and select delete button.

How to see an Email list into Google Contact?

Open Your google contact app or web browser app > click on Other Contacts > You can find all email list where are you emails in past.


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