TEASER REVEAL: ‘Halo Infinite’ Box Art Master Chief Is Getting A Grappling Hook

Thursday, 23 July 2020 (1 year ago) 354 views

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343 industries just released a brand new picture of the master chief and there’s actually a lot to unpack here including a potential new armour ability, the unique background and what’s all going on here a potential returning vehicle, a grappling cook ability and much more.

It every day on twitter 343 has been teasing these new posts with a master chief like three days left, two days left which is some of the teasers we got recently but now with just one day to go before the campaign gameplay demo everywhere official like twitter and Facebook this image. 

went up and guess what it is halo infinite’s new box art that is confirmed before chief was facing away at this epic landscape which was i guess the first iteration of the box art confirmed last year but this is the final design and will be on shelves later this year on your halo infinite game box there’s also an animated wallpaper you can look at but right now.

I just want to focus on the highest rest images and unpack the information in it so this image right off the bat may seem incredibly familiar to you and that’s because this is essentially the halo combat evolved cover art but kind of remastered and it really.

I think stones to how 343 ‘Halo Infinite’ is really going balls deep into the spiritual reboot essence of what halo was way back in the day going back to the roots and i think that’s just really great news now if we focus on master chief first here in this image.

we see that he’s holding the ar but also on his wrist it’s kind of easy to miss and it’s not there in the other pictures it looks like there’s like a slot uh that can actually take in things on his wrist so this might be where new armour abilities go but what we see here looks like some coiled attachment.

And a lot of people are speculating that this is an armour ability not a part of his armour but rather some kind of weapon or addition to his armour so this may be a pickup maybe master chief can find abilities throughout the world and pick them up and then use them against banished or covenant it may be that this game.

Actually has some kind of upgrade tree where you can upgrade your armour and your abilities and even add new functions to your armour, for example, a grappling coat anywho that’s all speculation let’s talk about something solid here again the highlight of master chief.

he is actually not really chief himself but the reflection in his visor it’s really easy to miss ironically because it’s the first place people look but this reflection, in my opinion, shows a new enemy and a major new enemy.

And for what we’ve seen before i believe that this is a character of a brute banished leader called hyper us which was teased as a new character earlier this month in the mega bloks post.

which again 343 has confirmed was a part of the road map basically what happened in the mega bloks post a major character was potentially shown dead near this character hyperus but three for three discouraged the theories not specifically that one.

But just theories in general that we shouldn’t look too much into mega block toys but maybe this character isn’t responsible for killing a major character or maybe he is but i won’t discuss.

who it is for the sake of it being kind of spoiler territory but what you should take in from here is that it appears that this is hyperus and also with him appearing in the flesh right in front of chief i think implies some major things first off he’s holding a gravity hammer and also.

some kind of shield in his right wrist i think this is a clear indication that it is hyphrus but he’s going to be a major threat to master chief and that’s who the chief is going to be dealing with and i wonder maybe halo infinite 2 or halo infinite 3 whatever you want to call them.

maybe the sequels to this game will lead up to master chief’s final encounter with a matrix with his kind of fighting through generals and leaders first some people are saying that no this is actually matrix himself but i don’t think so because the body just doesn’t look the same the proportions are off the head is pretty narrow and tall and he isn’t wielding Matrox’s mace so that’s why i think.


It’s not matrix now if you look at this image the whole image for just a few moments you see that there is probably a lot going on here underneath the surface so if we just look at the biggest most obvious thing we’ll talk about that first and that is the halo array itself we see this first section closer to us that’s kind of breaking up but it’s not really as large as the broken up split in the 2019 trailer.

however, you scroll up to the top part of the image you’ll see that the ring up there is actually deteriorating a little bit which is very interesting to me i think this whole part is going to break off.

if we look back in halo wars 2 Anders manually ripped apart installation zero nine or popped a grid off and we actually saw that in the original box art and we see a little bit of that happening closer as we get to chief we see some parts of the valleys and some exposed parts of the rings..

kind of like these foreigner cliffs if you will um so i wonder what is going on here it looks like just the entire landscape is breaking apart now let’s talk about the open-world aspect that this game may have why nothing is confirmed or solid in stone.

just a big open landscape here that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s open-world but take a look at the trails because it’s very subtle but these trails resemble what we saw in the 2018 announcement trailer because essentially that’s where the warthog was driving so you have to wonder even.

If this world is mostly linear there is a lot to explore i think this game is going to play a lot like the original halo 1 missions like halo or the silent cartographer missions but with all these trails you have to wonder how big this world will actually be but to touch upon the ring breaking apart one.

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