How to download google input tools for hindi typing | Googleinput tool download

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Google input tool is a very useful tool in Hindi typing. it was introduced by google earliest but after some time Google removes it from the website. actually, it is work on ms word or any document management app, so if you don’t know Hindi Keyboard typing You can install it’s on your laptop or pc and easily use it.

people more searching on google how to download the google input tool for Hindi typing. so we decide to provide a google input tool offline setup for Hindi typing.

How to download the google input tools hindi

if you visit the google input tool official website you find now that google input tools work on webpages if used google input tool extension you can typing on google chrome another web browser, but if you download google input tool offline setup you can type in any windows application easily, so if you like to download setup goto the post last line and download google input tool setup for offline typing

Googleinput shortcut key

Google input tool is a very handy application, here you can easily typing in a different language without knowing the keyboard full knowledge. If you want to make easier for use yon need to know more short cut key for using this tool.

[su_accordion][su_spoiler title=”ALT + SHIFT” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]switch LANGUAGE PACK [/su_spoiler] [su_spoiler title=”CTR + G” open=”no” style=”default” icon=”plus” anchor=”” anchor_in_url=”no” class=””]Switch two google input languages pack and select [/su_spoiler] [/su_accordion]

Google Input Tools supplied on Google Services

Google inputs tool nowadays supported only on the web browser. if You want to download offline mode check the below of this article download link. But if you want to know google input tools online supported google service you can use it bellow google service

  1. Google search
  2. Gmail
  3. Google Drive
  4. Google translation
  5. YouTube

Google Input tools Language Packs

LanguageInput MethodTransliterationVirtual KeyboardHandwriting
Afrikaans   Handwriting
Albanian  Keyboard AlbanianHandwriting
Amharic TransliterationKeyboard Ethiopic 
Arabic TransliterationKeyboard Arabic 
Armenian  Keyboard Armenian Eastern 
Keyboard Armenian Western    
Basque  Keyboard BasqueHandwriting
Belarusian TransliterationKeyboard BelarusianHandwriting
Bengali TransliterationKeyboard Bengali Inscript 
Keyboard Bengali Phonetic    
Bosnian  Keyboard Bosnian 
Bulgarian TransliterationKeyboard Bulgarian 
Keyboard Bulgarian PhoneticHandwriting   
Burmese  Keyboard Myanmar 
Catalan  Keyboard CatalanHandwriting
Cherokee  Keyboard Cherokee 
Keyboard Cherokee Phonetic    
Chinese (Simplified)Pinyin IME   
Wubi IME  Handwriting 
Chinese (Traditional)Pinyin IME   
Zhuyin IME    
Cangjie IME    
Cantonese IME  Handwriting 
Croatian  Keyboard CroatianHandwriting
Czech  Keyboard Czech 
Keyboard Czech QwertzHandwriting   
Danish  Keyboard DanishHandwriting
Dari Persian  Keyboard Persian 
Keyboard Dari    
DutchLatin IME Keyboard DutchHandwriting
Dzongkha  Keyboard Dzongkha 
English  Keyboard English 
Keyboard English DvorakHandwriting   
Estonian  Keyboard EstonianHandwriting
Filipino   Handwriting
Finnish  Keyboard FinnishHandwriting
FrenchLatin IME Keyboard FrenchHandwriting
Galician  Keyboard GalicianHandwriting
Georgian  Keyboard Georgian Qwerty 
Keyboard Georgian Typewriter    
GermanLatin IME Keyboard GermanHandwriting
Greek TransliterationKeyboard GreekHandwriting
Gujarati TransliterationKeyboard Gujarati Inscript 
Keyboard Gujarati Phonetic    
Haitian   Handwriting
Hebrew TransliterationKeyboard Hebrew 
Hindi TransliterationKeyboard Hindi 
Keyboard Devanagari PhoneticHandwriting   
Hungarian  Keyboard Hungarian 101Handwriting
Icelandic  Keyboard IcelandicHandwriting
Indonesian   Handwriting
Irish   Handwriting
ItalianLatin IME Keyboard ItalianHandwriting
JapaneseIME  Handwriting
Kannada TransliterationKeyboard Kannada Inscript 
Keyboard Kannada Phonetic    
Kazakh  Keyboard Kazakh 
Khmer  Keyboard Khmer 
Kirghiz  Keyboard Kirghiz 
Korean  Keyboard KoreanHandwriting
Lao  Keyboard Lao 
Latin   Handwriting
Latvian  Keyboard LatvianHandwriting
Lithuanian  Keyboard LithuanianHandwriting
Macedonian  Keyboard MacedonianHandwriting
Malay   Handwriting
Malayalam TransliterationKeyboard Malayalam Inscript 
Keyboard Malayalam Phonetic    
Maltese  Keyboard Maltese 
Marathi TransliterationKeyboard Devanagari Phonetic 
Mongolian  Keyboard Mongolian Cyrillic 
Nepali TransliterationKeyboard Devanagari Phonetic 
Norwegian  Keyboard NorwegianHandwriting
Oriya TransliterationKeyboard Oriya Inscript 
Keyboard Oriya Phonetic    
Pashto  Keyboard Pashto 
Persian TransliterationKeyboard Persian 
Keyboard Dari    
Polish  Keyboard PolishHandwriting
Portuguese (Brazil)Latin IME Keyboard Brazilian PortugueseHandwriting
Portuguese (Portugal)Latin IME Keyboard portugueseHandwriting
Punjabi TransliterationKeyboard Gurmukhi Inscript 
Keyboard Gurmukhi Phonetic    
Romanian  Keyboard Romanian 
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 Primary    
Keyboard Romanian Sr13392 SecondaryHandwriting   
Romany  Keyboard Romany 
Russian TransliterationKeyboard RussianHandwriting
Sanskrit TransliterationKeyboard Sanskrit Phonetic 
Serbian TransliterationKeyboard Serbian Cyrillic 
Keyboard Serbian LatinHandwriting   
Sinhala TransliterationKeyboard Sinhala 
Slovak  Keyboard Slovak 
Keyboard Slovak QwertyHandwriting   
Slovenian  Keyboard SlovenianHandwriting
SpanishLatin IME Keyboard SpanishHandwriting
Swahili  Keyboard SwahiliHandwriting
Swedish  Keyboard SwedishHandwriting
Tamil TransliterationKeyboard Tamil Inscript 
Keyboard Tamil Phonetic    
Tatar  Keyboard Tatar 
Telugu TransliterationKeyboard Telugu Inscript 
Keyboard Telugu Phonetic    
Thai  Keyboard ThaiHandwriting
Tigrinya TransliterationKeyboard Ethiopic 
Turkish  Keyboard Turkish F 
Keyboard Turkish QHandwriting   
Uighur  Keyboard Uighur 
Ukranian TransliterationKeyboard Ukrainian 101Handwriting
Urdu TransliterationKeyboard Urdu 
Uzbek  Keyboard Uzbek Latin 
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Phonetic    
Keyboard Uzbek Cyrillic Typewritter    
VietnameseIME Keyboard Vietnamese Telex 
Keyboard Vietnamese Tcvn    
Keyboard Vietnamese ViqrHandwriting   
Welsh   Handwriting
Yiddish  Keyboard Yiddish 

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