How to know your system component information, Motherboard, RAM, CPU, and other software info

If you plan to upgrade your laptop or system you must know some information about your computers such as your system info motherboard brand version specification and upgrading information. before you start to upgrade your laptop common question coming to all people.

How to know about the computer info motherboard specification?

how can i know about my laptop RAM?
can I use one extra RAM on my system?
info Motherboard
info Motherboard

so you can easily know about your laptop or  system information basic information you can find out you pc properties and if want more detail you can search on your window search box system information and there you can know detail about you laptop computer configuration but it’s not enough for upgrading system, so you can use speccy application for other deep computer component information.

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How can i know about my laptop RAM?

common people try to upgrade the ram in system memory, but it does not show in properties, some motherboard have tow or four ram slots or more.but its must to know how many ram slot is empty or used for upgrading ram.if you use this speccy app you can know easily your motherboard specification, and its information help to your in upgrading pc, and like this RAM is divided some categories, to basic ram function commonly use SRAM and DRAM, according to DRAM its 4 types is used according to motherboard DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4