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This time many websites giving this service for online photo editing work but taking some charges also is one free website where you can do easily best-editing work and find more tools as adobe photoshop so click here for website is the best platform to online photo diting here in this article you find some basic knowledge for using to photopea

online photo editing

Photopea is supported photoshop file .psd extension and .xd .sketch .XCF Raw and other files you can use all photo editing project in photopea easily. so here follow bellow steps for online photo editing

How to start online photo editing

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  • You can start photopea using bellow button and start it in your web browser only you need to an internet connection for photo editing
  • After opening this website you can make a new document or import any existing photo editing files
  • if you want to use photopea demo files you can use it


Photopea features

If you used any online photo editing software before you can use this website easily similar to photoshop window you find here window

Start project

When you press Ctr+N you find new project window here you can defin your photo dimention and you can choose some presets like photoshop

online photo editing

Import Photo

you can import photo 3 way like photoshop you can just press keyboard shortcut key Ctr+O and choose your photo directory for import and you can place the photo in the same time and photopea  best feature for import photo use any web photos Url

Photopea import photo

Photo editing in photopea

After import photo, you can start your editing work you can select mask shadow all other layers effect you can use easily
photopea window

Start PhotopeaStart Photo Editing