How to use avee player || whatsapp download viral status kaise banyen

How to use avee player || make WhatsApp download  viral status kaise banye

Avee player is a popular Android application for audio visualisation 5 million-plus this time user active on this music player it is not only a music player but you can edit your visualisation on music. this is a light music player with folder browsing and equaliser song across firing and video playback capability you can find here most popular media formats supported and direct browsing with folder shortcuts customise audio visualizer and export visualizer as HD video you can searchable library files here you can make a whatsapp download viral status for social media. You can do proper spectrum analyser proper visualizer template saving and customise all templates easily.

avee player
avee player
avee player work on audiovisual effect in this player audio wave display different visualisation format its visualisation make attractive video playback its feature make famous on the Play Store.Avee player pro version on available Play Store you can find here more templates and more visualisation effect and you can edit.
How to use avee player
  • First, you download from Google Play Store avee player
  • second download your music library as you like open every player choose library and select your song which one you want to edit
  • select the song then go to the visualizer
  • type on visualizer template on the top menu
  • choose any template for your audio visualization
  • for edit, this template go to edit menu on top like pen symbol
  • here you can edit all your visualization effect you can edit and add another image you change all effect edit panel is available this menu
  • After edit, all this visualisation effect you can render this as a video on top menu download symbols in this section you can define your video quality aspect ratio and other video settings after all setup go to down and click on an export button for your video