Luminar 4 AI best Photo editing App

Luminar 4 is a software for photo editing that will prove to be a software that will change the way of photo editing in the future. By the way, you will find a lot of photo editing software in the market, but the scale of running them will take you a lot of time to learn. To do a good photo editing, it is necessary to have a good software as well as good information, but here in Luminar After just a few clicks, you will get to see such a look of your photo that you will be able to edit the photo of that method after working for many hours inside other photo editing software. 

Luminar is a photo editing software working on AI-based ie Artificial Intelligence. This software easily detects where all the objects are in your photo like where the sky is and where the building is, all of them can easily apply it to photo editing after finding the AI ​​of Luminar easily Helps in it as you work in many layers in Photoshop, you can also work inside Luminar, but here Luminar gives it to you by doing it manually which you do manually inside Photoshop.  

  Even if you have knowledge of photo editing, you can still do photo editing as a professional photo editor from the first day, here you can give a new look after just clicking the photo. Although Luminar 3 and Luminar 4 already exist, Luminar AI has been introduced with more focus on AI. luminar 4

 Within Luminar 4, you already got a lot of features, with the help of which you could give a good look to the photo by applying your desired effect in the photo, but inside Luminar AI you are going to see more advanced features which are still beta testing Is running in

 To run Luminar, you must have Windows or iOS. The tower works well on both of them, although it is not very heavy software, you can easily use it even if your machine is with a little configuration. .

 If you have used Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, then you will know what we can do in photo editing within these two, however, the editing that is done in the photo, we do inside Photoshop but to retouch the photo That means if you want to work on colour correction in it, then we use Adobe Lightroom, if you want to do photo composition, then you will need to know Photoshop and if you want to work on lighting, ie color correction. If you want, then you need to know about Adobe Lightroom. But you can easily do both of these things inside Luminar 4, that is, you can easily do masking or photo composition or colour correction in the photo within two to three fort. 

System Requirement for Luminar 4 

OS  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
RAM 1 GB (minimum)
Disk Space  1 GB 
Processor Intel Dual Core processor or later