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APP Name Mx Player
Release Version1.37.12 (1310001402)
App Size44.3 MB
Available StorePlaystore
Update July 29, 2021

MX Player latest APK 1.37.12 (1310001402) is a renowned app. It is regarded as one of the best multimedia applications for Android. Developed by J2 Interactive, the app has the function of enabling video files to play smoothly on smartphones as well as tablets also.

It is a much-recommended app. It can support media player(s), especially video format as well as audio. The app MX Player also may be both simple as well as difficult simultaneously.

Mx player
Mx player

The free version of this application is available but with ads. However, if a person wants no ads, he can download its Pro version and for it, he will have to pay the money. All valuable information about this app is provided here in full detail.

Mx Player Pro Reviewing the App

The app MX Player for Android features not only a simple but an eye-pleasing interface as well as intuitive playback control. It always will allow the user of this application to watch in full-screen mode. Its (interface) quality is of course crucial as it will provide an impact on the watching experience.

MX Player supports almost all popular kinds of the codec as well as video formats (that one prefers to play in it) such as AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MOV, MPEG, MP4, WEBM, WMV, XVID etc. In case, a person is trying to play a file and the app does not support that format, the application will fix the issue with the warning that the user will have to install the additional as well as free pack of codec.

Mx player
Mx player

‘Support for subtitles’ is among the outstanding features of MX Player. The app sustains the enormous subtitle tracks, text colouring/text styling. It is capable of handling more than a dozen kinds of subtitle formats as well like IDX, MPL, SRT, SSA, SUB, TXT etc. 

‘Gestures’ is one more excellent feature of the application MX Player for Android. Users can perform them in moving the text on the screen, zooming the text, to skip, backward/forward when it is not properly synced with the video. 

MX Player does not come with/offer a playlist and the ‘unavailability of playlist’ feature of course can be called a setback. Further, it may be an issue/problem for those people who prefer to watch more than one video in one day as well as leave the video run(ning) at the time of doing some other task(s) like driving or working.

This is the Way of Using the App

The interface of the MX Player for Android is nearly similar in both the smartphone as well as tablet versions. For merging the notification or navigation bars, it needs just one tap/one swipe down from the top edge on the screen.

‘A lock button which is designed to avoid unintended taps as well as swipes’,’ different viewing set that is capable of changing the mode from stretch to full (100%) fit to the screen’ as well as ‘rotation that can be forced to screen-fit based on the system setting of user’s Android device’ are some other well-designed aspects on the application.

The file browser of MX Player is really smooth as well as clean also. It comprises auto-refreshing as well for the time when more files are removed or added on tablets/smartphones. 


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