Netflix: it is testing a sleep timer feature on Android

It is observed that many of us (often) fall asleep while enjoy watching our favorite show on Netflix or anywhere else (but here, we will talk about the former; not the latter means anywhere else). The good news is for such people, as Netflix is testing its latest feature; sleep timer function on Android devices.

The new feature of Netflix will allow us to set a timer of fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, as well as, forty-five minutes, or to turn off when whatever we are watching ends. After that (time), the app will not play the video; it will stop playing the video. That is why it will be an absolutely good solution for those people who put on a movie or a television show to help them sleep.

According to the Verge –  if this test becomes successful and the users of the app Netflix embrace the new feature; the company might roll it out to other devices as well. It is notable that for now, the sleep timer is found on adult profiles only.

Netflix Upcoming feature

So, if a person often nods off while watching something on Netflix; the upcoming feature would help him avoid waking up without a diminished battery charge of his Android device. Moreover, it would be easier to keep our place in a series also; because episode(s) would not keep playing while we would be sleeping. Mind you, many other apps come with sleep timers including audio-focused ones like Pocket Casts, Pandora, as well as, Spotify.