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Introduction:. Opera Mini Latest 56.0.2254.57357 (562057357) Version is a very useful application. It is one of the most installed apps. It is used by about 80 percent of Android users. Its developer is Opera. Though in the present time, it is not one of the fastest Android browsers, but the speed level to open a web with it is very high. Moreover, in comparison to other browsers, the compressed data level in this browser is better as well.

App Name Opera Mini
Publisher Opera
Size 14MB
Latest Version 55.1.2254.56965
Last Update  April 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
Install  plasytore
Opera Mini 55.1.2254  APK-MOD 

It comes with features that are designed simpler as well as similar to the app for windows. One more outstanding feature of the application is ‘multi tabs’. The aforementioned superiority (multi tabs features) is different from the default Android app that carries just limited tabs. With it, a user can open some pages easily – without closing or leaving the previous Page(s).

Reviewing the Browser

Saving web page Opera mini

The application Opera Mini can save a web page. And it is the most well-known plus point of this browser. Therefore, at the time of taking the enjoyment of reading an article on (certain) a web page, as well as it having to be left suddenly, one can save the (web)page first in this browser. Therefore, when at the other time one likes to read it again, one just requires to get that saved page without browsing the web one more time. In this way, actually, it not only saves one’s time but internet credit as well. Opera mini

Faster Download Manager

The application Opera Mini also comes with the download manager. This download manager is three times much faster than the (an)other one offered in the Android default browser – it is said so. A user easily can download some files at the same time when he is opening the pages also.

High Level of Data Compression

Opera Mini is popular for having a high level of data compression. Due to it, a user may be capable of saving his internet quota as well. The data compress level can reach up to 90 percent. It makes the loading process fast at the time of (during) opening any website. Moreover, this application itself comes as a 10th version that comprises various latest features.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are many advantages of the application Opera Mini such as – it is capable of saving a web page, does not take much space and works fastly as well as responsively. Whereas the app does not work for heavy files, leaves many junk files, as well as at the time of opening heavy or big-sized files often happening of errors, consequently the browser closes it automatically (the application) –  are its disadvantages.

Tips as well as Tutorial(s)

Using Speed Dials

Different effective ways are found to use the application Opera Mini. Speed Dials is one of them. Speed Dials is that feature where a user can reach/access directly via Homepage Browser. A user can register a website to Speed Dial using two ways. ‘Pressing Plus’ button on the homepage as well as typing the website URL is the first one. Whereas another (the second) way is entering the website to the application as well as in the address bar, pressing + (button) as well as selecting Speed Dial.

Using “Save for Offline” Feature

“Save for Offline” is another feature that one can use. The feature is the most suitable to use for that person who likes reading article(s) online. So, the “Save for Offline” option will be helpful for such a person in the way that it will save the page for him to read without browsing it further/again. ‘Data savings’ is another feature. One can also change the images from High Quality to Low Quality for making it faster to open the pictures.


Different stability as well as performance fixes 

APK for opera mini 

Opera Mini 55.1.2254  APK-MOD
Opera Mini 55.0.2254  APK-MOD
Opera Mini 53.2.2254  APK-MOD
Opera Mini 53.1.2254  APK-MOD

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