Protect website Content disable copy and paste on website or blog

Protect website Content  disable copy and paste on website or blog 

In this technology era, more people attract to online earning such as website blogging and youtube, and more website you can easily find on the web which gives you service to copy and edit other website content and published so today we are talking how to disable copy and paste on the website. 
 disable copy and paste on website
disable copy

why disable right click  

first thing why we are disabled mouse right-click on a webpage using javascript, because we need to protect our web pages content, because of some people copy our content and edit them and paste another web pages, so we try to protect our content on blogger or website.

How to disable right click on the blogger 

  1. You need javascript for disable right click on your webpage 
  2. Click below download button for download javascript in notepad formate
  3. Go your blogger widgets section and choose javascript widget on your blogger  
  4. Simply paste this javascript and save 
  5. now your blog is disabled for right click on a web page
button download



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