Notisave App: Read Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Notisave is a very useful application. Today, its usefulness will be mentioned in the context of Whatsapp. If a(ny) Whatsapp user feels the necessity or desires to read deleted messages on Whatsapp, he may/can get help from here. As everyone knows it very well that Whatsapp does not offer any feature officially that allows the user to retrieve the deleted messages.

However, this hack of course will be helpful for him in reading those messages that have been deleted by the sender and he (the sender) does not like the receiver to read them (messages). Most importantly, the hack is strictly for those who are Android users, not for those who are iOS users.

First, the user has to go to Google Play Store. He has to download an application that is capable of keeping a tab on notification history. So, the app Notisave may/can be the best option for this purpose. It (the app) enjoys not only the most number of downloads but respectable reviews as well. 

He has to install the Notisave app. After its installation, it is expected that the user will provide all essential permissions (he must do it). At this stage, it  (application) will require access to read not only notifications but files, media, photos also, and toggle the auto-start option as well.

After this process, the app Notisave will begin to keep the log of all notifications the user has received; it comprises Whatsapp Messages as well. So, after doing the above all, in case the sender deletes a(ny) message; (no problem) the receiver will be capable of reading that message even then. Additionally, the user can read those notifications as well that he has swiped away accidentally or without any intention.

Whatsapp Deleted Messages

Though the app Notisave offers the advantage of recovering the sender’s deleted Whatsapp Messages, (but) there are some disadvantages of this app as well.  If a person uses its free version; in this case, he will have to bear ads also, Whereas the paid version starts at Rs. 65 per month. Apart from the aforementioned, the Notisave application is capable of recovering messages just in the simple text; one can not recover or retrieve deleted files such as images, videos, as well as GIFs.

(Besides Notisave) other third-party apps are available as well; they also allow a user to read deleted messages of WhatsApp. Back in the year 2017, Whatsapp introduced the feature ‘Delete for everyone. Therefore, a Whatsapp user has the option/choice of deleting the message using the feature ‘Delete for everyone in the first personal chat. But, he has to keep in mind that he has to delete this message within just seven minutes of sending it. After that time, the message can not be deleted.

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