Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo earphone

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo has been introduced in Sri Lanka. Though the company teased them to introduce the product in Malaysia on 20th May, before that, they are on sale in the aforementioned country (Sri Lanka). The audio product provides total playback of up to 17 hours.

For better comfort, the new wireless earphones feature a neckband-style grip as well. They come with 88ms super-low latency for negligible lag at the time of gaming. For water resistance, the earphones come with IPX4 certification. Moreover, the company offers them in three colours. Important information regarding them is provided here in full details.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Features

The newly launched Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo earphones provide a frequency response range of 20Hz to 20,000KHz. 11.2mm is the size of the driver. As it has been mentioned earlier,  these latest earphones will deliver playback of (up to) 17 hours on a single charge – it is touted so. Additionally, with the charge of 10 minutes, the audio product provides music playback of 2 hours or 120 minutes.Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo earphones come with a USB Type-C port. According to the company, they take (the time of) almost 2 hours to fully charge the device. They pair with a(ny) compatible smartphone via the Realme Link app.  The audio product weighs 23.1 grams.

The latest Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo earphones also support ENC (environment noise cancellation); it is an algorithm that is capable of picking up necessary sound as well as cancelling out background noise also. They have been launched with a magnetic intuitive connection that couples them to any smartphone as soon as the earbuds are separated. At last, to keep the earbuds sweatproof at the time of intense gaming sessions; these latest earphones are IPX4 rated.

Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo Price and availability

In Sri Lanka, the new Realme Buds Wireless 2 Neo earphones have been priced at LKR 8,279 (approximately Rs. 3,000). At present, they are on sale via Kandi Green, Kandi Black, as well Kandi Blue are those three colour options in which they come. As it has been told earlier, the company will introduce this audio product on Thursday, 20th May 2021 in another country; Malaysia.    

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