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last Updated July 31, 2021

Samsung Internet Browser latest APK  (1142314500) is a very popular app. Recently, it has become one of the most downloaded apps in Google Play Store. At present, If we look in the Play Store, the app has crossed more than one billion downloads.

Unlike many other internet browsers, it can be downloaded easily in the Play Store. Moreover, Samsung Internet Browser comes with some of those good features the other browsers do not offer.

So they (the distinct/unique features) make the application worth downloading for many people especially for those who are bored of common browsers that have been used too frequently up until now with all their defects. All valuable information regarding the app is provided here in full detail

Samsung Internet Browser Reviewing the App

Though Samsung Internet Browser is a free app, and unlike the other browsers (especially free ones) it does not come with irritating ads as well as pop-ups.

Samsung Internet Browser tab

As we know that in many browsers they (ads and pop-ups) pop up in unexpected moments in the middle of using the application. It may be really quite a nuisance for many users. But, there is no need to worry about such things when using the Samsung Internet Browser.

As in spite of being a free app, a user will not be stalled with unexpected ads as well as pop-ups while he operates it. Samsung Internet Browser offers means of additional secret tools as well. It is noteworthy that just a few internet browsers come with the aforementioned feature in the first place.

In fact, there is one application with its incognito mode. But, the feature does just permit a user to not record any website he opened in such mode as well as blur out the whereabouts of his IP address. 

Samsung Internet Browser is capable of protecting all history with passwords whereas the other browsers can not do it. The user can create a new password in order to make his history (becomes) harder to be tracked down. 

Samsung Internet Browser Advantages and Disadvantages

Though Samsung Internet Browser highlights many positive points, it has some limitations as well. Its plus points and flaws are mentioned here in short:


  • The app does not come with ads and pop-ups
  • Its users can use secret mode as well


  • The app consumes big data size 
  • The application is compatible with just higher Android OS

This is the Way of Using the App

First, a user of Samsung Internet Browser has to launch it. After that this application will be ready to be up as well as running. In case he likes to use or activate an ad blocker, he has to pick the option with this (same) name as well as download one or several of them on the list.

Moreover, if the user desires to go incognito, he has to pick the Secret tab to activate the mode on this app. So, it can be said that using the Samsung Internet Browser is very easy. 


‘Fixed Bookmarks malfunction as well as password mismatch error in Secret mode’ and ‘improved stability issues as well as applied new security patches’

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