Samsung NotiStar

Samsung NotiStar
App NameSamsung NotiStar
App Size 5 MB
Last Update September 11, 2021

Samsung offers various services for improving the features of its Android smartphones. And Samsung NotiStar latest APK (313300000) is one of them.

It is a very interesting as well as useful service that is related to Android device (smartphone) notification. It is Samsung who completely/purely developed the application of this new notification management system. 

(So) now, people can use it on all kinds’ Android smartphones of the company. All valuable information about it is provided here.

Samsung NotiStar  Reviewing the App

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Samsung NotiStar, as a notification management system, features a simple as well as an easy user interface. So, any Samsung Android user is free to run it on his Samsung (android) device. It is really easy to use as well.

A user will be capable of installing as well as running quickly (just after) downloading it. One more thing about the user interface, it is similar to iOS, but designed for just the  Android platform.


Developed by Samsung, the NotiStar has some excellent features:

  1. A log of notifications that its user received (in the past) as well as throughout the day. It means/in simple words, he is free to see the old notifications at any time (he likes). 
  2. The user can choose log duration.It is absolutely useful for that Samsung Android user who often makes calls.
  3. Samsung NotiStar comes handy, if a user swipes/clears the notification panel (accidentally) without looking at them and wonders (as well) what they were. But, with this service, he still can know all (those) notifications he has swiped or cleared. 
  4. A user can access it on his Android even when it is on the Lock Screen. Therefore, he will not have to unlock the screen first.


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