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App NameTango
Version 7.12.1626942404
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Last Update July 26, 2021

Tango – Live Stream Video Chat latest APK 7.12.1626942404 (1626943622) is for those people who are into socializing very much. There are many chatting apps that can be used but having one that can be useful for group chat or talk to new people is of course handy. 

A person can use it in sharing information/entertainment including; music, photos, videos, as well as games also. Therefore, it can be said there will be a lot of fun with the application Tango – Live Stream Video Chat. 


It is especially for those people who are social butterflies, as this chatting application connects them not only to the world but to new people across the globe as well. Of course, it is an ideal way for a man to expand his social circle. All valuable information regarding the app is provided here in full detail.

 Tango Reviewing the App 

As everyone knows very well that when a man has a flexible as well as a handy app, he prefers it to use for different operating systems. Just the opposite, he dislikes applications that are limited to just certain operating systems. But, as far as the case of Tango – Live Stream Video Chat is concerned; it can be operated easily on every kind of operating system or device; Windows Phone, iPhone or Android.

A user can use Tango – Live Stream Video Chat for making a phone call. Moreover, he also can make a video call. But, it is noteworthy that video calls are limited to a one-on-one basis, one can have a group chat. In case, a person prefers to talk with his friends or his friends of his friends, the app is very useful for him.


So, it can be said that socializing has become easy with the application. Additionally, shortcuts can be created easily as well by using the Quickshortcutmaker. The application Tango – Live Stream Video Chat for Android also comes with some more other features.

(Now) a person will be capable of browsing for users, posting to his news feed, or reading the news feed. He can play games as well. Moreover, the user can put the news feed in various categories for a neater arrangement.

So, it can be said that the developer designed the app Tango – Live Stream Video Chat as a networking application with a social focus in mind and its features just add icing to the cake.

 Tango Advantages and Disadvantages 

Tango – Live Stream Video Chat comes with many plus points. It has some drawbacks as well. Both its plus points and limitations are discussed here in short.


  1. To operate this application is easy
  2. To make adjustments is super easy
  3. The app offers so many handy features to enjoy.


  1. There appear a lot of ads that may annoy/irritate a user.
  2. Very shaky as well as unstable video quality
  3. There is a fear that kids may use the application  without observation/monitoring of their parents
  4. As far as the video calls are concerned; they often experience long delays

This is the Way of Using the App

First, a user has to install the app Tango – Live Stream Video Chat. Then, he has to create his own account using the email, his phone number, or his Facebook account. He should select the easiest and the most efficient way.

After that, he has to offer access to his phone book/contacts. In case, the user likes to be able to accept calls, the user has to activate the push notifications. After that, he (can) accept/reject the location service.

Since, the setting of the app Tango – Live Stream Video Chat is quite similar to other chat applications so after that everything is really easy. Now, the user simply can manoeuvre around to get used to the operation. In this way, using this app is very easy. Anyone can use it without any problem. 


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