Twitter: introduces voice messages to DMs in these countries including India

Twitter, the renowned as well as leading American social networking company, is introducing a new feature for its users; voice messages to direct messages in three countries – Japan, Brazil and India. The Vege reports that this latest trait permits the users of this micro-blogging to send a voice Direct Message – DM or a voice clip as well to the Twitter contact(s). 

A report on Twitter tells that the DMs feature will be introduced in an organized way. That is why it can be understood that some users would not be able to see the feature appear at once. The users of the micro-blogging in (their) private conversations can send 140 seconds long voice messages. At present, the company is testing this important trait in Brazil, India, as well as Japan. The feature will be available for Android as well as users of iOS also.

What is Twitter DMs feature? 

According to The Verge, to utilise this new DMs trait users have to simply open the chatbox of the contact(s) (to whom they want to send voice message). Then, they have to tap on the voice icon located in the bottom right corner as well as begin recording. After recording the voice message; the user has to tap on the stop icon so that he can wrap up. In the same way, users will have the option to listen to their recorded voice messages before sending as well as deleting it. In the final step ( it will come after approval) the user will tap on the send icon and, in this way, will send the voice message.

Manish Maheshwari is the managing director of Twitter India. He has expressed his point of view regarding the announcement of the new feature in the context of India in these words, “India is a priority market for Twitter and that is why we’re constantly testing new features and learning from people’s experience on the service here.

Finally, Alex Ackerman Greenberg, the product manager for direct messages at Twitter has also said something about the feature, ” We hope letting people record and send voice messages as DMs will enhance their conversational experience by adding convenience and expression”.

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