Whatsapp new update fingerprint unlock feature now available in latest beta version 2.19.221

WhatsApp new update you can unlock your WhatsApp app with your fingerprint

WhatsApp has finally launched this feature, which one introduces before 6 months by various tech news agencies. It’s one more steps to make Whatsapp strong privacy, as we know that Whatsapp is too much care about user privacy. this feature is available in android Whatsapp beta 2.19.221 after someday it will be available in ios mobile.

whatsapp new feature


WhatsApp new update
WhatsApp new update

How to set up WhatsApp  fingerprint 

according to update WhatsApp fingerprint is enabled in WhatsApp settings>Account >Privacy>Fingerprint lock tab and you can set your fingerprint to unlock feature,

WhatsApp has released a new beta version for Android users, and it brings the fingerprint lock feature with a few improvements.


Whatsapp fingerprint unlock benefits and feature 
as you know that WhatsApp fingerprint authentication make your WhatsApp unlock but you can set about your Whatsapp notification changes if you can hide whatsapp notification you can do easily  
WhatsApp new update
WhatsApp new update

Screenshot 20190814 120142 com.whatsapp

and you can set screen lock timing, here you can choose immediately, after 1 minute, after 30 minute your whatsapp will be a lock for fingerprint.