Whatsapp new Update || Whatsapp business new feature catalog

As you know about WhatsApp, it is one of the most widely used social Android and iOS applications in the whole world. where big companies give their feedback. Or are using WhatsApp business to promote their product, while small businessmen also help WhatsApp to their business. WhatsApp time to time keeps updating its features. Recently, WhatsApp Business has added a new feature to its new version.

So if you have updated your WhatsApp business, then these new features will be seen in the new version of your WhatsApp.With the new features of WhatsApp Business.You can make a catalog and send a sample of your item to someone.So first of all, you should update your WhatsApp business to get these new features, then open the chat of whoever you want to send the catalogue to, go to the chat and click on the attachment and there you will find a catolog button.

Whatsapp new Update
Whatsapp new update catalog

By clicking on the button of this catalog, you can list the items of your product and give their description price or any code. This new features of WhatsApp, you will only see in the business account of WhatsApp, then it is a very useful update from WhatsApp, which will help you to grow the business. As you know, WhatsApp is a Facebook product. When you create a catalog in this new feature of WhatsApp, it will come under the terms and conditions of the Facebook product.