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Introducing the App

YouTube Go is a very useful app. Google is its developer. The latest 3.23.52 (323523040) version of this application has been developed with the target of helping the users in watching their preferred videos at a time when they have limited data even. One will be capable of finding various types of famous videos with it; they ( the videos) may be from movies, comedy, fashion, cooking, as well as different other options also. ‘To download any video as well as watching that video without the use of an internet connection is the most positive/plus point of this app. 

YouTube Go

Contrary to the usual YouTube application; a user (in this app) is free to preview the video before making the decision of downloading or watching that video. Moreover, a user can set bytes limits as well for his downloaded videos. The app has been designed to be practical. Therefore, it is capable of fulfilling the requirements of different kinds of people for cool videos on the Go. Important details regarding it are provided here.

Reviewing the App

The application YouTube Go lets a user see a video file’s size beforehand, and it is the main positive thing of this app. That is why one clearly and exactly knows how much internet data he is going to spend (in) downloading or watching any video. The application YouTube Go offers a big advantage particularly in that case when a person has limited internet data or limited internet connection in a day. It is also noteworthy that he has the choice to download or stream the video right away. In case one likes/chooses to play any video; the app offers one’s with video quality options as well.

One more plus point of this app is that a person will be capable of sharing his downloaded video(s) with fellow YouTube Go users as well. Due to its using peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection, there is no need to use internet data to share any video. Moreover, in comparison to using Bluetooth, one can do it more fastly. In short, it can be said that it is an absolutely easy/simple application. And it works well without unnecessary fancy additions also.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If the app YouTube Go comes with many plus points; there are its disadvantages also.  In very short they are mentioned here. ‘The application is capable of minimising data usage, permits a person to see how much internet data he is going to use/spend for a(ny) video, users are free to download any video they prefer via it, as well as offering simple as well as user-friendly interface’ – are its advantages

Whereas ‘the application YouTube Go does not offer a subscription page, as a result, a user has to rely on search column or scroll through the offered recommendations and it may not properly suit his preference, a user is not permitted to minimize a video when it (video) is playing, and limited to search via the popular list on the main page’ – are its disadvantages.

This is the Way of Using the App

A user can share his downloaded video(s) to his familiars by using YouTube Go feature. First, he has to open the download tab. After that, he has to tap the Send option. The user is advised to ensure that he has already activated his Bluetooth in order of performing the initial transfer.

Then, the YouTube Go application will begin to search for (an) another receiver. For starting the transfer process, the receiver will tap Receive. Consequently, the file transfer process will use the peer-to-peer connection in order of sending the video. After that, the user will be able to send the video without any difficulty/problem at all.

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